Sunday, January 20, 2008

Article Recommendation: Evaluating Experience

There has been a big debate in this Presidential election about the importance of experience. This debate is a little absurd. Of course experience is important - and tremendously so.

The real debate should not be "is experience necessary - yes or no". The debate should be about which experiences (not only professional, but also personal) meaningfully contribute to the development of great leader.

This morning, I saw a thought-provoking article on the subject that I thought I would recommend. There is some reason to believe that this author may be somewhat biased in his opinion, but I still found his thought process and the facts he cited about previous Presidents to be useful.

For people more interested in the Republican side of the race than the Democratic side - please do not be discouraged by the title. While the author frames much of his commentary around Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, the way in which he analyzes the two and the historical tidbits he provides should be useful in evaluating the experience of any candidate - now or in the future.

The article is here - and takes less than 5 minutes to read.

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