Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Baseball and the Congress

Wow - I've been negligent of my blog lately. Apologies to any one out there that still drops by from time to time.

I've actually been working on a number of essays, but obviously haven't closed any of them out sufficiently to post. I also have to admit being totally consumed by the ongoing Presidential election. We are really witnessing a pretty historic race on the Democratic side.

From now on , I'm going to try to do a better job getting new content up more regularly. This will mean more frequent posts of shorter length. I think I will also just start using this forum to draw attention to other content on the web that I think is worth a review - even if I don't have the time to add my own commentary.

In that spirit, I thought I would take a moment to draw some attention to the hearings our Congress is holding on steroid use in Major League Baseball. If you want to spot a politician that cares just a little more about their career than solving the problems that make a meaningful difference in Americans' lives, take a look at the winners that are spending time on this instead of Iraq, climate change, health care, education or alternative energy development.

Add actions like this to the long list of reasons Americans have lost faith in their government.

(By the way, they are not only wasting Congressional resources on this topic, they are asking the nation's top law enforcement officer, Attorney General Mukasey to do the same).

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Unknown said...

I'm a baseball fan, and I've been seriously disheartened by the ongoing steroid controversies and tarnishment of the national pastime, but I agree that this is an absurd use of congressional time and resources. I don't know how these guys sleep at night.