Friday, March 7, 2008

A Dash of Perspective From....

...Karl Rove...on the epic Democratic Primary fight:

Remember: It has only been eight weeks since Iowans voted in the first contest of the season, though it seems like a geological age has passed. There are now seven weeks until Pennsylvania, nine weeks until North Carolina and Indiana, and 10 weeks until West Virginia. Imagine how many twists and turns are possible.

I haven't written much on this race here, but I've been following it constantly. Karl has convinced me that it is okay to take a week or so off....

(By the way I should disclose that I stole this post idea from Andrew Sullivan's blog. I thought it was very insightful so I wanted to make sure a few more people saw it)

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Unknown said...

I find the Democrat primary absolutely exhausting even to contemplate. I saw the other day (because I could not avoid it) Wolf Blitzer's show, and he spent five minutes--which is a long time on TV--with some other dude, looking at a touch-screen map of the United States and playing with every conceivable permutation of victories for the remaining states. Numbers were flying, bar graphs were fluctuating, electronic chalkboard finger-tracings were appearing as if CNN had hired John Madden. Ultimate moral of this brain-killing exercise: "it's a close race." Wow, illuminating! Thanks, Wolf!

Anyway, I am tired of it all. I voted, so that about ends my contribution to the proceedings. Karl Rove, Lord of Destruction, is right that the outcome is still completely unpredictable, but "twists and turns" makes it sound like it's going to be exciting along the way, and for me, it's just not. Hillary was ahead in the delegate count, and now Obama is. Obama had the big momentum, and now Hillary does. Even if it goes back and forth ten more times, I just can't get excited about it. Keeping track of all the fluctuations is not doing anything for me. Just wake me up when it's over so I know which non-McCain person I'm voting for.