Friday, April 25, 2008

Remembering an Education Milestone

The New York Times published a good article to commemorate the 25th anniversary of what is arguably the most important government document in the history of education reform.

The article takes 7 or 8 minutes to read, but it provides a useful partial overview of the history of education reform in the United States. It also (barely) begins to explore the relationship between the effectiveness of a nation's public education system and the overall long-term strength of its economy.

I strongly disagree with some of the assertions in this article - for instance:

American schools...teach creativity and the problem-solving skills critical to prospering in the global economy.

I'm not sure which American schools teach these things effectively. Mine certainly didn't and I went to public schools that were considered at least above average.

Nevertheless, I think the article is useful reading for anyone interested in education reform...

It's here.

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