Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Cloning Technology and Curing Cancer

I ran into an extraordinary article today that discusses the potential of specific types of cloning technology to fight cancer.

The basic idea is to find a sample of the small percentage of cells in a person's immune system that attack cancer cells, clone them in large numbers and then re-inject them into the body. This therapy is powerful and innovative due to the fact that few immune system cells usually attack cancer because cancer cells are not recognized as being foreign to the body.

I love stories like this because they give us a glimpse of the extraordinary things mankind could accomplish in the future. This technology is pretty far from being widely available, but it is exciting nonetheless.

You can read more about it here.


Megan said...

i heard about this study on the news tonight, and i am optimistic that it may be just the breakthrough needed to beat cancer once and for all.

i was an oncology nurse when we lived in Tulsa, and we lost way too many patients during my short tenure there. it was very difficult, probably moreso because they were kids.

Unknown said...

This is amazing. Hopefully, research like this will not be quashed by fanatics with anti-science agendas.