Friday, June 6, 2008

A Martian Sunset...

Another departure from politics...

Click here for an absolutely breathtaking picture of a sunset on Mars.

I'm guessing it was taken by the new probe that landed last month.


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Unknown said...

In other space news, GLAST launched successfully at 12:05 PM Eastern today. After about a month, during which the spacecraft will be checked out to make sure that everything is working and the actual science instruments will be activated, tested, calibrated, and configured, we should begin receiving real science data. One especially interesting point is GLAST's sensitivity to photons with energies from 10 GeV to 300 GeV. The sky has essentially never been studied at these energies before, so we're virtually guaranteed to learn something new.

Hopefully, the public will become more aware of GLAST as its mission progresses. It will be blazing a genuinely new trail at the frontier of high-energy astrophysics, and I think it really has the potential to excite and edify them.