Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Moment to Celebrate a Good Deed

Noticed this little story on and thought I would pass it on.

Nothing too profound here, just thought it might be nice to promote a short story about generosity hidden amidst the raw politics, economic distress and warfare that has dominated the news lately.

Here are the highlights:

Virginia businessman Earl Stafford has spent $1 million to give hundreds of poverty-stricken and terminally ill Americans, along with wounded men and women in uniform, an inauguration experience that would ordinarily run each of them thousands of dollars or more.

"We wanted to… bless those who otherwise wouldn't have an opportunity to be a part of the great celebration, the inauguration and the festivities," he told the paper. "Our objective is to bring in a cross-section of society — those who are distressed, those who are terminally ill, those who are socially and economically disadvantaged, those veterans who are wounded and served our country".

...the... packages [include] high-end hotel rooms and luxury suites, food and drink, a (heated) viewing spot right above the parade route, even gowns and tuxedos to wear to celebratory balls, and a beautician to help you get ready for it.

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