Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Watching History..and Feeling Good

Last night, Barack Obama became the first African American to ever clinch the nomination of a major American political party.

Please forget - for just a moment - whether you intend to vote for Obama or not.

Instead, remember that barely more than a generation ago, in many parts of this country, African Americans were not allowed to share the same restrooms or water fountains with Caucasians. In many places, African American children were not allowed to sit in the same classrooms with white children.

Regardless of your political beliefs, it is hard to argue that last night was not a huge symbol of America's exceptional ability to continually move closer to the ideals expressed by our Founding Fathers in our founding documents.

This capacity for self-improvement makes me proud of the United States...and it reminds me why we can always be hopeful for our prospects in the future.

I feel good.

Yes, I am pleased that Obama won. But much more importantly, I feel renewed optimism that our biggest challenges might indeed be overcome and that our greatest opportunities may one day be realized.

I don't feel this way because of a particular candidate. I'm not excited by an unrealistic vision of overnight or otherwise short-term solutions. I am excited because I have been reminded, once again, that over time, America tends to get better and better.


Unknown said...

Do you think he'll take Hillary as his running mate?

Jared said...

I DO believe she has a very good claim to the VP slot given how close the race turned out to be and therefore, I think her supporters would have some justification to be angry and/or disappointed if she wasnt selected (and I admit this as someone who would not be excited about the idea of her as VP).

All that being said, I would be VERY surprised if he chose her. Obama's campaign has been run much differently than her's in message, style, and from all available reports run very different internally as well. I don't think their operations would compliment each other very well -even if their voting bases seem to.

Furthermore, I don't believe Hillary would be able to play the appropriate VP role and I think it is all but certain that President Clinton could not be controlled sufficiently - and I'm saying this only about the CAMPAIGN. Once they got in the White House, I think you would have tremendous competing power centers and Obama would be somewhat powerless to stop it. (A VP isnt like a Cabinet Member that can be fired).

So, no, I don't think he will choose her.